Brrrr.  It's cold outside.  Family Day weekend has arrived.

We will be closed Saturday to Monday, February 17-19.

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Order Early/Deliver Early

While you're thinking 'gestures of love' we're thinking 'will there be snow?'

Let us suggest Tuedsay delivery!  With 75 years of experience, we know a snowstorm can hamper even the most diligent deivery team. Snow or no snow, get delivery assurance by selecting our "Two-Day Delivery" option and maximize enjoyment of your floral gift all day on the 14th, from that first sip of coffee or tea.

We encourage you to Order Early/Deliver Early to beat the rush.  When you opt for Tuesday delivery, we will include a complimentary beautiful greeting card in a linen envelope tied with grosgrain ribbon (a retail value of $8, yours for free for choosing smart).

To order from our rose offering below, tell us your preferred Item Code or paste the Item Code into the online order form.

Be Classic - Send roses in one of these three traditional yet classic formats:

A. ARRANGED (IN A VASE)  Fully created and finished in our studio, your beloved simply needs to unwrap and enjoy.

B. HAND-TIED (WITHOUT A VASE) Choose a hand-tied bouquet for those who have plenty of vases at home.  For just $10 more, your hand-tied bouquet can include addtional premium foliages for extra fullness.

C. BOXED LONG STEM (WITHOUT A VASE)  For tradition and savings, choose boxed roses priced at just $115 (add $15 for baby's breath).  This boxed format keep the 'long-stem" tradition alive, especially if your beloved loves to work with flowers and happily arrange on their own.

Be Unique - Consider these Valentine's Options

D. MIXED BOUQUETS Consider a mixed bouquet (click here for ideas) with a few roses mixed with other blooms - or no roses at all!

E. PLANTERS Send a longer lasting gift, including seasonal bulb plantings, succulents, and orchids (click here for ideas).

Click here to order now.  Be sure to specify your Item Code.

Dozen Roses in a Vase

Classic Dozen

12 Beautiful Long-Stem Valentine Roses with Lush Foliages

(Vase Included)

ITEM A1-VS: $175

Over the Moon

18 Beautiful Long-Stem Valentine Roses with Lush Foliages

(Vase Included)

ITEM A2-VS: $250

Dancing & Romancing

24 Beautiful Long-Stem Valentine Roses with Lush Foliages

(Vase Included)

ITEM A3-VS: $285

Make Them Blush

A Dozen Valentine Roses with Lush Foliages, upgraded with Additional Floral Accents.

(Vase Included)

ITEM A4-VS: $235

Romance Bouquet

12 Valentine Roses perfectly hand-tied with lush foliages for an “at home” vase.

ITEM B1-HT: $140

Head Over Heels Bouquet

24 Valentine’s Roses, perfectly hand-tied for an “at home” large vase.

ITEM B2-HT: $250